Saturday, July 31, 2010

Neurology in Clinical Practice Free Ebook Download

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 0750674695
Format:PDF, 2570 pages
Size:54.2 MB

Designed as a practical textbook of neurology, this two-volume fourth edition contains 87 chapters covering principles of diagnosis and management (v.1) and neurological disorders (v.2).

Topics include neurological symptoms and conditions such as vision loss, cranial and facial pain, and gait disorders; neurological causes of bladder, bowel, and sexual disorders; laboratory investigations in diagnosis and management of neurological disease; clinical electromyography and neuroimaging; principles of neuropharmacology and therapeutics; vascular diseases of the nervous system; cancer and the nervous system; effects of toxins and physical agent; disorders of the nervous system (approximately 20 chapters), such as cranial neuropathies and disorders of nerve roots and plexuses; and neurological problems of the newborn and of pregnancy.

This edition has been comprehensively revised, with almost half the chapters prepared by new authors. There are new chapters on endovascular surgery and mitochondrial and ion channel disorders. A companion website features regular updates and videos, and a review manual and a pocket companion are in the works.

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