Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review Centers for Physician Board Exam

The Philippine Board Exam for Physicians, held by the PRC might be one of the difficult chapters an aspiring physician encounters. Passing it is the beginning a new life as a full-pledged doctor - probably some will go abroad, some will go on "moonlighting", and some will train as residents for their chosen specialization.

The pressure of the board exam is always daunting, that's why, most medical students are flocking on review centers in preparation for the exam.

Attending a review center is brings good advantage because you are motivated. By the fact that you are in a review center, yo feel motivated to review. The environment in a review center per se is also a great motivation. Seeing others spending sleepless nights reading and reviewing pressures you to do the same. Apart from being motivated, review centers are good grounds for new learning.

I know, most medical students are already searching for good review centers as early as now, so I'll try to list some of the review centers I know of.


TopNotch Review Center in Fairview, Quezon City - Most of my seniors who enrolled in this review centers highly recommended it. They've got topnotch instructors and lecturers to provide intensive lectures and supply handouts and books to their enrollees.

Tating's Review Center (if I remember it right). It's also located in Fairview, Quezon City, just few meters away from TopNotch Review Center. I haven't heard of them that much but two of my seniors attended this review center and they've got high percentage in the exam.

De La Salle Dasmarinas, Cavite is also holding an in-house review for their graduates but I am not sure if "externs" are allowed.

The University of Sto. Tomas also holds a review, open to non-UST and UST students. It's only for one month, though. It's a better choice if you are going on self review to manage your time more easily.

The University of the Philippines also holds review. According to one of my seniors who have experienced their review sessions, you have a daily exam (board-exam type) which are checked everyday. This way, you know your deficiencies and gauge your knowledge on a particular field. You know where to concentrate more.

In Cebu, the Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) holds review for its graduates and externs

If you know of any review centers or know the contact numbers, websites or more details about the review center mentioned, please leave a comment below. Consider it as a help to your fellow doctors (hopefully).


  1. In las pinas city, there is one review center that offers medicine board review.. they seemingly very good because they divided the review in phases like, comprehensive then exam rationalization.. the name of the review center is SAGE REVIEW CENTER.

  2. Cracking D' Boards Study Review Center, Inc...Highly recommended..visit

  3. My friends went to cebu city for a rigid inhouse review under the famous doctoom...Cracking d' boards review center... Two thubs up!!! i think their new website is good luck doctors

  4. brains review center at quezon ave

  5. i highly recommend topnotch review center-the only review center with a BIG HEART!

  6. are there any review center located at cebu city??

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  8. Primus Review and Training Center-Physician Licensure Exam Review. 4th Floor Florentine Building, Bonifacio Street, Davao City.Its passing rate has been excellent! Owned and operated by academicians and clinicians it boasts of top caliber lecturer-consultants from Metro Manila Universities like UP, UST, FEU, UE, Fatima to name a starts Davao- May 10, 2012 and in Cebu May 14, 2012. Conducts various related reviews and training program.
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  9. i highly recommend UST that have 100 percent board passer