Saturday, September 8, 2007

Free Dentistry E-Book: Anatomy & Physiology for the Dental Professionals

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Five Products in one. This fast, effective multipurpose package has 5 products combined together at the comfort of your PC and has tutorials that will helps you master core anatomical and physiological concepts from cells, tissues, muscles to the immune system, respiratory system, cardiovascular and to reproductive and human development. It will help you get the best possible grade; It breaks down the A&P chapters to simple terms which can finally be the light bulb you’re looking for when dealing with complicated A&P topics. This package is written in a very simple and summarized lecture format which could be used as supplement to your class notes and lecture presentations, its designed for students to study after or before lectures and when preparing for a test or an exam. Each chapter and concepts are supplemented by movies and animations that are narrated to reinforce the concepts together with an interactive practice quiz. This product is also packed with more than 3300 practice questions and answers from all angles of Anatomy and Physiology topics covered in the entire course allowing students to adequately prepare for their exams. More than 17 topics includes comprehensive questions in the exam format (multiple choice and fill in the blank) allowing students to assess their strengths and weaknesses. This product is highly recommended for instructors interested in creating multiple customized tests for their topical or cumulative final exams. The Interactive Atlas includes picture for models used in most of the instructional labs for precise representation of color and structure. The Atlas gives students a much more realistic experience of spatial dimensions than pleasantly colored drawings could ever accomplish. A beginners guide to audio pronunciation is included for all anatomical terminologies. The Atlas is useful to students in the Health, Medical and Imaging Professions taking Anatomy and Physiology as a requirement to specialized course. This package is compiled by most qualified and experienced instructors including all possible questions in the Board Examinations and other regular evaluation tests.

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